For those who have a twitter account, you will agree that there is nothing much more fulfilling than accumulating followers each and every day as you continue to explore the social media platform and keep tweeting here and there. It gives you a great sense of satisfaction and contentment knowing that the followers following you are legitimate and authentic and the people liking your tweet posts are liking them because they are actually amusing and interesting. However, one thing still remains very unsettled in the hearts of many people who decide to go the short way and bought twitter followers and likes for their accounts.

You see, the scenario is quite different when you get to relish in the benefits that emanate from having huge numbers of followers and yet at the back of the mind, you know really well that you are only lying to your heart right? Unlike a person who has gained his twitter likes in a legitimate manner, the person who has bought the followers and the twitter likes will only feel discontent in their hearts and to some extent, they will not experience the true pride that one feels when he or she is aware that they are popular because they are well known not just because they bought followers thus there is no satisfaction at the very end.